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    Through our constant innovations and consistent growth, today we are the amongst the select few fastest growing restaurant chains in India. We are a leader in themes  dining experiences and have established many multiplex dining concepts through our specialty restaurants across Hyderabad.


    Our philosophy and innovative thinking has made us what we are today. Our approach to a customer is beyond just serving a good dish or a comfortable stay, we ensure that they have a Happy Experience always do. We also cater to all age groups. When you come to Ohri's, we ensure nobody feels out of place and everyone has a great time. The customers do come back, we proudly serve 5,500 happy people every day!


    We always innovate when it comes to any of our outlets and we keep on upgrading them regularly. This is why, today we are the culinary trend setters. Be it the first metro train experience in a restaurant, or going to an African safari for dinner, we are the proud innovators of unique dining concepts. This has awarded us back today with the seamless appreciation by our diners.


    At Ohri's it is not just about the food, it is about the experience. We perhaps are the largest theme restaurant chain in India. None of our 24 restaurants have the same food, or the menu. We improvise on the classics and let our expert chefs do the rest. We have all cuisines of India as well as the world on our menus across all our restaurants. Be it European, American, Asian, Continental or exclusively vegetarian we have covered every possible style of cooking to satisfy the global Indian palette.


    It is by following all these varied philosophies that we continue to stand tall in the culinary scene of Hyderabad. We have been the pioneers in food and decor offerings in the city. Therefore, today, we have sketched a new landscape that defines expertise in taste, experience and service.



    Ohri's culinary legacy dates to 1981 when a visionary entrepreneur, Ravi Ohri, laid the foundation for a futuristic brand in the hotel industry. Capitalizing on the success of first venture, Hotel Baseraa, the label soon spread its wings across Hyderabad and established a place as a chain to reckon with. Ohri's now boasts of a series of top restaurants, hotels and banquets in Hyderabad, with a distinctively quality of coming up with something innovative each time.


    Ravi Ohri was succeeded by his son Amar Ohri, an MBA in hotel management, who further assisted in the establishment's progress and helped it gain the acclamation and accolade it deserves. Over the years, there has been immense growth in terms of business and customer loyalty enabling the empire to push the envelope further and gain recognition across India.


    The fascinating worlds that have been created range from romantic to historical, lavish to downtown, filmy to serene, even charming to quirky, spoiling their customers for choice while giving a larger-than-life dining experience. The impeccable taste, quality and service has made it a benchmark for culinary excellence, leading to a prolonged patronage for the brand. The underlying idea is to give diners an experience to relish and cherish, as advocated in its slogan "Happy Dining".


    Being the largest hotel chain in twin cities, the hospitality at Ohri's is lauded for its attention to detail and prompt service. Every element blends in with finesse, be it decor or comfort. The embodiment of this is Hotel Baseraa (Secunderabad) an instant hit, which still holds its ground amidst other major players in the business. Ohris Banjara (Banjara Hills) and Hotel Baseraa (Basheerbagh) located at major commercial centres are carrying forward the same passion for quality service and reception. The rooms and suites are designed with care and equipped with high-end utilities to ensure overall guest satisfaction during their stay.


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